Callicrate Banders, recommended by veterinarians and animal handling specialists worldwide, are the most humane and effective castration tools on the market. Due to emphasis on high-tension ligation, the banders excel at achieving a tight band every time. Easy-to-read tension indicators ensure the correct tightness that is essential to minimizing discomfort and reducing physical complications.



Callicrate PRO Bander™ Kit
For delayed castration
(300 lbs. to full grown)

Suggested Retail Price $305.00

Callicrate PRO Bander™,
Cutter, 5 Loops, Carrying Case

Callicrate PRO Loops™ Bag of 25
Suggested Retail Price $67.50/Bag

Callicrate PRO Loops™ Bag of 100

Suggested Retail Price $270/Bag

Callicrate PRO Prolapse Loops™ Bag of 5
Suggested Retail Price $25

Callicrate Cutter™
Suggested Retail Price $5/Tool

Tetanus is a risk with any form of castration. Proper immunization controls tetanus risk. Tetanus toxoid (not antitoxin) must be used. It is important to read and follow vaccine instructions especially in nieve cattle in endemic tetanus areas. For more information contact your veterinarian.

It is important to use safety precautions when using any equipment. Please wear safety glasses. Do NOT use a scalpel. Use the Callicrate Cutter™ included with the bander kit.


We have used Callicrate Banders since they first came out and were pleased with the results. When we learned Callicrate was designing a new improved bander, we were ready to try one and purchased one of the first ones out.  We have banded bulls weighing from 300# to 1200# and are very impressed by the new design. The bands are a big improvement and easy to load. The fact that the crimping lever is eliminated makes the whole process faster. The ratcheting action is smoother and the bands hold very well. We would highly recommend the new Callicrate PRO Bander™ to anyone.

Richard Monnich

Monnich Livestock, Latimer, Kansas